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Zoobies are the patented, award-winning plush animals that turn into pillows and blankets. Check out Zoobies.com

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1111 w 100 s #2
Provo, UT 84601
(801) 802-0507


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“I ordered Zoobie pets for my two sons. I had never seen these before. I so wish I would have known about them when they were newborns. I am going to order more so they can have a whole collection. They are so practical for school, daycare and travel as well. They Have become a life saver. Kids and babies love blankies. I seen A web site that claimed they carry them in jumbo, I may buy one for my self. I loooove YOUR PRODUCTS. THE BEST!”

- Lisa Holder, East Orange, NJ

“Zoobies have been our #1 new toy for 2007. Our customers have been coming back for more Zoobies when ever they need a gift. Many of our customers have found them to be great travel companions. If you don't have Zoobies in your store, you should!”

- Jim Davis w/ Kid's Center, Tucson AZ

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