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Introducing the P-flector®

Potty Training Without the Mess

For Kids By Parents®, Inc. was created out of the need to solve a particularly annoying parenting problem with my oldest son in his potty training phase, peeing through the gap between the toilet seat and bowl. My attempt to solve this problem resulted in the creation of our 1st product, the P-flector®, which is our initial contribution to the juvenile products industry.  

Made in the USA and winner of Creative Child Magazine’s Product of the Year (2022, 2021, 2020 and 2019), Baby Maternity Magazine’s 2022 Top Choice Award, and 2021 Mom’s Choice Award, the P-flector® is a flexible urine shield that attaches to the underside of a toilet seat and blocks the gap between the toilet seat and bowl, preventing seated potty-training kids from peeing through the gap.  The P-flector®’s flexibility allows it to conform to the shape of both round and elongated toilet seats with either flat or curved bottoms. It’s attached to the seat with pressure sensitive double-sided tape and once attached, it can stay in place for extended periods of time; how long depends on individual use.  While the tape is not permanent, additional tape is available to reapply as needed.

The P-flector® keeps potty training kids’ clothes and floors dry; say goodbye to cleaning up urine puddles, yellow stains down the front of the toilet or yellow stained floors in front of the toilet.  The P-flector® can also be used by seniors and individuals with special needs.  It’s easy to attach, can be cleaned in place and saves parents and care-takers time and avoids the frustration of cleaning up the mess associated with this type of potty-training accident. The P-flector® and additional tape are available from For Kids By Parents, Inc. at our website:

(877) 489-3332

CONNETIX is the perfect toy that will have your whole family playing AND learning these holidays!

CONNETIX is the perfect toy that will have your whole family playing AND learning these holidays! Are you ready to discover the perfect toy that will have your whole family playing AND learning these holidays? 

Connetix magnetic tiles are the unicorn of gifts! It’s the toy that has something to offer no matter your age, interests, or abilities! Designed to spark creativity, the possibilities are endless with Connetix - from building 2D or 3D shapes, designing animals or mandalas, constructing towers and rockets, recreating functional toys like doll houses or car parks, designing ball runs, puzzles or games. These captivating STEAM accredited toys bring children and adults together in creative play! And here is the secret that sets Connetix apart...

Connetix® are high-quality, innovative, open-ended products that promote learning through PLAY. Featuring a unique bevel design and strong magnets, Connetix offer clearer refractions, durability PLUS increased play versatility. What’s more, you can rest assured when little hands build big with Connetix. Meeting global safety standards and testing, Connetix are made from non-toxic, food grade ABS plastic, include ultrasonic welding and rivets for extra safety. Available in three colour ranges - bright Rainbow, earthy Pastel, and dazzling Clear - our Connetix catalogue spans from introductory Mini Packs for the ideal gift, Starter Packs to develop confidence with magnetic tile play, Creative Packs perfect for big builds or sibling play, all the way through to Mega Packs for even bigger builds and family play.The fun doesn’t end there! The Connetix range also includes specialty and expansion packs designed to extend Connetix play in different ways - from Transport Packs for vehicle enthusiasts and those wanting to explore force and motion, Geometry packs for shape exploration or mandala play, to the exclusive Ball Run packs featuring clear fluted tubes so you can track the zooming action and fun. Are you ready to discover the Connetix difference and inspire your whole family to dive into open-ended STEAM play these holidays?


Taking Learning to a New Level!

The Learning Journey International has been on a mission since 1995 to produce high quality educational products for children of all ages all around the globe! Today more than ever, parents are searching for educational toys that are fun, affordable, and effective for their children. Learning Journey products satisfy all of these needs, with each product designed to equip children with a specific skill set to help them succeed in school – from critical thinking and learning to mathematics and reading, to creativity and imagination! Additionally, a wide range of interactive products have been designed specificallyto enhance the development of STEM & STEAM learning in young children!

STEM education is a core focus for The Learning Journey. The LearningJourney believes products that build on STEM inspire young minds to be curious and inquisitive about everyday life. Through hands-on learning and fun interactive themes, children experience and learn the fundamentals of STEM withour entire line of STEM-series products! The Learning Journey is looking forwardto the next 25+ years as we expand our ever-growing product line while staying true to our core directive of providing children with products that help them reach their full potential and beyond!

Our vast product offering spans five distinct product categories: Electronic Learning, Sensory Play, Constructive Play, Puzzles and Games. With The Learning Journey's complete range of interactive products, children can have fun while learning and parents and educators can know they have the right quality educational products for their children!

Join our journey today!

(602) 787-1115

The Most Award- Winning Scooters for Kids

(And the top pick of both kids and parents!)

Loved by kids, trusted by parents for over two decades, Micro Kickboard has been combining the best quality materials with Swiss design to create an exceptionally smooth, stable ride that delights both kids and adults. Known for innovation, Micro has created awide range of styles, continuously updating and refining them with new colors and features. Micro Kickboard continues to ensure their scooters areas strong as possible, yet also light weight,making them easy to carry, durable enoughto pass on to the next child, comfortable enough to ride for miles and miles, and most importantly, FUN!

Scooters that Grow with Your Kids...You and your child will get miles and miles (and miles of smiles!) out of your Micro scooters because they grow with your child.The t-bars on Micro scooters are all easily height-adjustable, keeping those hand grips at the perfect riding height for years to come.Virtually every part of Micro scooters are replaceable. Once your child has out grown it, freshen it up to pass it to a sibling or a pal. Whether it’s a wheel that wears down or just a set of new hand grips, Micro Kickboard offers replacement parts and easy instructions. Just like the good ole days, these scooters are built to last!

The original kickboard-style ride...The three-wheel kickboard-style ride, featuring a steering style called “Lean-to-Steer,” is a winner both for stability and fun. The “Lean-to-Steer” helps kids develop critical gross motor skills such as balance and coordination. As beginners, kids start by initially going straight, then add gentle turns. As they advance, kids ramp up to curving back and forth, in an action we call “surfing the sidewalk”: still stable but also a LOT of fun.


The P-flector® was created by For Kids By Parents®, Inc.’s CEO, Joseph M. Conrad III, out of the need to solve a particularly annoying parenting problem - his oldest son, during his potty training phase, was peeing through the gap between the toilet seat and bowl.  Cleaning up the mess and changing their son’s clothes was very frustrating for both parents.  Our CEO’s determination to solve this problem resulted in the P-flector®, our 1st product contribution to the juvenile products industry.  

The P-flector® attaches to the underside of a toilet seat and blocks the gap between the toilet seat and bowl, preventing seated potty training kids from peeing through the gap.  It’s made of a flexible material that allows it to conform to the curvature of both standard round and elongated toilets seats.   It can also attach to some curved bottom seats.  It’s attached to the seat with pressure sensitive double-sided tape and once attached, it can stay in place for extended periods of time.  While the tape is not permanent, additional tape is available to reapply it as needed.  

The P-flector® keeps potty training kids’ clothes and floors dry, reducing the need for parents and caregivers to have to clean up the mess.  Say goodbye to cleaning up urine puddles, yellow stains down the toilet’s front and yellow stained floors at the toilet’s base.  The P-flector® is easy to attach, can be cleaned in place, saves parents and caregivers time; and avoids the frustration of cleaning up the mess associated with this type of potty-training accident.  

The P-flector® won the 2021 Mom’s Choice Award, Creative Child Magazine’s 2020 and 2019 Product of the Year Award in their Potty-Training Category; and was nominated for the All Baby & Child 2018 New Product Award of Distinction in the Parent Helpers Category.  


Special Gift suggestions for Special Kids

Anticipating and ordering this year’s “hot item” for Christmas can be challenging....being sure you have the one the kids want! How about ideas for the “other kids”...the ones who may need something a little more focusedand unique. The autism spectrum requires an array of “special gift” suggestions.

For example, products thatcan offer calming, soothing interaction. Also, products offering open-ended, mistake-free activities which provide positive reinforcement. The entire Wikki Stix line works perfectly.How about those science nerds? Something open-ended that can be used to demonstrate Continental Drift as well as the inside of a volcano...now that’s a STEM product versatile enough to delight any young science nerd! (Wikki Stix STEM Pak)

Sensory processing issues can cause some children to reject many of the toys most kids gravitateto. OT’s find that the texture of Wikki Stix often help kids learn to explore and enjoy a familiar tactile sensation. STEM fun for Preschoolers! Circles, Squares, Triangles....and how they combine to make thethings we see all around us! Spatial awareness including proportion and proximity...are fun and easy with mistake-free Wikki Stix.

The creative, artistic child would love a medium for making intricate pictures, flat designs andposters.... PLUS awesome 3-D creatures ! What other product offers that kind of versatility?And....in 23 colors? Wow!

From Jenga® to Jenga® GIANT™

The FUN keeps getting BIGGER! Everyone knows the classic Jenga game. But did you know there are a family of JengaGIANT games that make the fun even BIGGER? Jenga GIANT games are theonly authentic, licensed, super-sized wood Jenga games and are available insizes that can stack to over 3, 4 and 5 feet high. Each Jenga GIANT game ismade of 54 jumbo, precision-cut, high quality, polished hardwood blocks so you know that you can trust the quality and the Jenga brand. Jenga Giant games are perfect for both indoor and outdoor play so no matter the time of year, it is JengaGIANT time! When you play Jenga GIANT, you aren’t just having BIGGER fun but you are learning, too!The Jenga family of games teach attributes such as turn taking and cause & effect, and help to improve fine motor skills, manual dexterity and hand-eye coordination. Jenga brand games are STEM.org authenticated. If you already carry a Jenga brand game and want to have bigger fun or want to join the Jenga family for the first time, then why not try JengaGIANT? You know you can trust the name, trust the quality and trust the fun! To see the family of Jenga GIANT games, visit JengaGiant.com or email to Sales@JengaGiant.com (310) 424-4527


Echidna Shuffle marching worldwide!

Introduced to the pages of this magazine in 2022, Echidna Shuffle is seeing its popularity and accolades continue to grow worldwide. Most recently, the game had a mass market release in Hong Kong, then through out China, with a special upgraded version of the game pieces. Wattsalpoag Games has also secured warehousing in both England and Germany to deal with the expanding demand for the game across all of Europe.

Discussions for a reprint are expected soon. Echidna Shuffle still has its charming pieces, outstanding construction and intuitive game play. Functioning as a fun pick-up and delivery game, players roll the dice and move any of the echidnas to get their bugs back home. The first to get all three of their bugs to their matching stumps wins. With beautifully-crafted echidnas that are nearly toys in their own right and a unique two-sided board, game play is kept fresh and exciting. The game has been a huge hit with players of all ages, with much ofthe popularity coming from its kid-friendly pieces. Everything is designed with smaller hands in mind so the whole family can enjoy playing together. There’s also an easy to use dice modification board to balance out dice rolls for younger players.

Echidna Shuffle is for two to six players, ages six and up, and anaverage game takes about 15-minutes to play. With its rock-bottom price and award-winning design, this game hasn’t failed to please. So, isn’t it time to jointhe shuffle and find out what you've been missing? Echidna Shuffle – it’s quitepossibly the best game you’ve never played!





Funkins is known and trusted by families, teachers, and retailers for their high quality products that are bright and joyful and help keep eating spaces clean!

5 Reason to love Funkins Products:

  • greener and cleaner

  • must haves for back to school and on the go

  • washable and reusable

  • exclusive Funkins fun fabrics

  • lots of unique patterns for your one-of-a-kind kid!

Coming Soon...Matching mealtime accessories including bamboo dishes, name label stickers, lunch box note cards, ice packs, and more!


Le Château Frontenac 3D Puzzle A fabulous Canadian landmark to celebrate the 30th anniversary of a true Canadian invention!

Le Château Frontenac is a historichotel situated in Old Quebec City overlooking the Saint Lawrence River. It was anatural choice to celebrate the 30th anniversary of a true Canadian invention toselect such an iconic Canadian landmark. It is one of Canada’s grand railwayhotels opened in 1893 and built by the Canadian Pacific Railway. Its châteauesque architectural style was partly inspired by medieval castles found inFrance’s Loire Valley and is rendered here in all its splendor in 865 jigsaw puzzlepieces.

30 years ago, Montrealer Paul E. Gallant came up with the idea to bringthe 3rd dimension to the puzzling experience. To achieve his vision, hedeveloped the foam-backed puzzle pieces combined with the use of mortise &t enon joints for a sturdy 3D assembly of different puzzle sections... Brilliant!

To commercialize his new concept, he founded Wrebbit, a name inspired by thesound of the frog’s croak. The success was instantaneous and phenomenal.Since then, millions of three-dimensional puzzles have been sold worldwideevery year. The term “3D puzzle” is now part of the toy industry vocabulary, but no other brands have achieved Wrebbit’s quality standards.

This year, Wrebbit is celebrating 30 years of this Canadian made product by continuing to expand and develop this unparalleled foam backed pieces technology that allows us, even after all these years, to be the only one delivering THE REAL 3D PUZZLE EXPERIENCE.

For more information on Wrebbit3D’s history and spectacular marketing stunts email sales@wrebbit3d.com


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