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Bringing the Play into your Holiday!

Keep your stockings stuffed this holiday season with fun, educational surprises from PBN'J Games! Looking for something new to do on Christmas day and beyond? We offer a lovable line of award-winning, family-friendly, affordable games for all ages!


A new kind of publisher, for a new kind of reader 

Reading is changing.

We live in an age of distractions, with entire industries built around the goal of getting our attention. At the same time, the popularity of short-form entertainment has exploded. Given these trends, it’s only natural for our attention spans to be decreasing, and our patterns of consuming information to be changing.

Where does Second Story Up fit in?
Long-form fiction is our passion, exciting stories of adventure and mystery that also speak in terms of metaphor and analogy. The best story, for us, is one that’s fast and easy to read. It takes us away from the world, but stays with us long after we’re done reading. It leaves us asking questions and looking around with new eyes.

The mission of Second Story Up is to bring those kinds of experiences to today’s readers.

Our first two books, Bradley's Dragons and The Boy With The Sword, are award-winning books for kids aged 8 - 16. They're available in hardback, paperback, and e-book.

Those are just the beginning. While we continue to work on more books, we’re also building new ways to share our stories, and by "our" we don’t mean just the ones we are writing.

Those are only the beginning.

Second Story Up
PO Box 621166
Oviedo, FL 32762

ToyFest West 60th Anniversary Celebration

The Western Toy & Hobby Representatives Association (WTHRA) is thrilled to host the next event in The Expo at World Market Center Las Vegas for its 60th Anniversary Celebration taking place March 9 -11, 2022. We hope moving ToyFest West to a new venue will bring excitement for retailers and manufacturers alike. The strong demand of the toy category and the challenges with short supplies will ensure that stores will need goods in Q1 2022. ToyFest West offers new product that many retailers might not have the opportunity to see at Toy Fair in NY making ToyFest West a valuable alternative!

WTHRA still considers the pandemic to be relevant and will pay close attention to detail when hosting the 2022 event. Steps will be taken to keep people safe and the Las Vegas, Clark County laws will be followed at the time of the event. WTHRA will not require people to be vaccinated to attend or exhibit at ToyFest, unless mandated by Clark County. WTHRA will ask people to show their vaccination card at registration if they do not want to wear a mask inside.

We expect attendees to have a wonderful time attending the tradeshow, enjoy the new updated Gala format, have fun attending Morning Masterpieces and Game Night as well as our Seminar and Best of ToyFest event. New this year, Retailers will have the opportunity to shop the show rooms in the Market Center giving them more availability to product. We hope our Exhibitors and Rep companies will see many retailers in person and have the opportunity to write orders and provide wonderful service to them.

For more information, please visit toyfestwest.com.


Funkins is the multi-award winning, loveable eco- conscious children’s brand of mealtime products that are thoughtfully designed with fun patterns that kids love. The bright and cheerful collection of reus- able and washable lunch bags, napkins, and place- mats have been packing smiles into lunch boxes for over 10 years.

Funkins NEW toddler and children’s dish sets are already a top selling gift item for new moms! These adorable dishes are made of sustainable bamboo- ber and they are an eco-friendly mealtime solution that is both safe and fun.

Joining the Funkins line-up this year are match- ing gel icepacks, lunchbox note cards, peel & stick labels, and sticky notes, all in the brand’s top sell- ing patterns, including Mermaids, Unicorns, Ninjas, Koalas and more!

Created by a mom who was looking for kid-sized cloth napkins for her children’s school lunchboxes, the Funkins line has continued to grow every year offering innovative and reimaged lunch time prod- ucts that parents and kids are looking to buy. Offer all products as a set, or mix and match to create a custom gift.

Funkins is known and trusted by families, teachers, and retailers for their high-quality products that are bright and joyful and help keep eating spaces clean. Funkins is the winner of a 2021 Good Housekeeping Parenting Award, is a Parent Tested Parent Approved Award winning brand, and has received multiple Creative Child Product and Eco-Friendly Product of the Year awards. In recent years the products have also become celebrity favourites by the families of Matthew McConaughey and Camila Alves, Jennifer Lopez, and dozens of top family in uencers across North America. Funkins is a must-have for all family mealtime needs, from school and meals-on-the-go, to picnics, camps and more!

Japanese Blind Box Miniature Figurines by BCmini

Japanese Blind Box Figurines are the Newest and Hottest Product from BCmini! A traditional Japanese game of chance adds to the exciting experience of each box as you never know which one you will get! This is the perfect item for unboxing videos and collectors.

Designed and distributed by Japan, each set comes in a beautiful and colorful POP display box showing all the possible figurines in each set. Every box includes a highly detailed painted miniature figurine. The miniature size makes these items the perfect gift that is the perfect size to place anywhere around the home. Choose from a wide variety of cute and silly animal figurines, colorful gummy buddies, intricate Samurai Armor and more!

Each POP box can be opened and placed on your store shelves directly. Sets come with 10 to 16 individually sealed boxes depending on the style. Each piece costs $3 wholesale with a suggested retail of $6.99 each.

These Blind Boxes are considered limited editions and are sought out by collectors. Be sure to get your complete sets before they are gone!

Established in 1977 BCmini is an American wholesale company and distributor for fun and unique Japanese stationary and toys. Visit BCmini.com to view all categories of products with multiple images or call toll-free, 800-592-9000, Monday-Friday 10am-5pm PST.  

101 Quint Street, San Francisco, CA 94124

Adventerra Offers Cool Games to Help Save a Warming Planet

Adventerra’s new preschool line of beautiful jigsaw puzzles and games gently shows children how to care for our world. Adorable sea creatures, cool polar animals, and funny recycling bins introduce young kids to saving water, climate change, and recycling. They also have an endangered species matching game and an additional puzzle showing kids how to go green. Your family will love these eco educational games!

Saving Water

There is so much that kids can do to conserve water...like turning off the faucet while brushing their teeth! These 12 mini puzzles provide a fun challenge for kids ages 2+. On the red-edged pieces, adorable sea creatures show how water is wasted in everyday life, but on the green edged pieces, they show ways that children can save water.

Polar Adventure

Save the polar animals in this fun new board game for children ages 4+. Take a running start, jump from iceberg to iceberg, and try to reach the safety of the great glacier. Roll the die, and slow down or speed up when you roll a car, a factory, a ship, or a tree. It’s a great way to introduce children to the problem of climate change, and how they can fight it!

Hungry Bins

These bins are hungry! In this classification and memory game for ages 3+, children must find two of the same materials before feeding them to the proper bin. Fill them up with their favorite plastic, glass, paper, or food scraps, and win by recycling all 16 materials. Mmm...yummy!


Sweetening up family time

When ViBugo founders, Astrid Vinje and Clint Bush found themselves and their children in pandemic lockdown in early 2020, they did what any family would do to pass them time: they played games.

But the Vinje-Bush family took it one step further. Clint tasked his then 9-year-old daughter to help him create a new card game for the family to play. That game, named Stack The Scoops by their then 6-year-old son, turned out to be so fun, they knew they had to share it with others.

Today, Stack The Scoops is an award-winning card game enjoyed by hundreds of families around the world.

“One of the things we like about Stack The Scoops is that families can either play it together during family time, or have their kids play on their own,” says Astrid, “it’s also fun and doesn’t rely on screens.”

Targeted towards 5- to 10-year-olds, Stack The Scoops encourages players to build sets of ice cream by matching base, scoop, and topping cards. Players collect points depending on the card combination and can double or triple their score with double scoop or triple scoop cards.

Game play is easy enough for young children to understand, yet still engaging for older players too. And the incorporation of simple math into the game play reassures parents that kids are learning while they’re playing.

A graphic designer by training, Clint tapped into his creative side to develop the whimsical designs of Stack The Scoops.

“We really wanted the cards to be fun and appealing to kids,” he explains.

But the game itself is truly a family collaboration, with every member bringing something to the table. And it’s that focus on family time that makes Stack The Scoops so loved by families.

(509) 240-9677

The Really Cool Tool For Teaching School!

Not just an arts & crafts product and not just a favorite travel toy…but also a true teaching tool and learning medium…Wikki Stix One-of-a-Kind Creatables have a unique educational side that teachers have appreciated for years.

With back-to-school actually here for the first time in a while, the educational aspect of Wikki Stix comes to the front. And STEM is a great arena for hands-on, involved learning as those STEM subjects (Science – Technology – Engineering – Math) can be intimidating. And may have been the toughest subjects for parents to home-school.

But, one-of-a-kind Wikki Stix make the tough stuff FUN! Hands-on and engaging, they are fun for kids to use and can actually help them become involved in the lesson. And, because they are virtually “mistake proof” Wikki Stix enable kids to tackle challenging science projects like diagrams, cross sections, fractions…and more…with confidence.

As a classroom management tool, Wikki Stix Mini Play Paks are a favorite of teachers for use as rewards, incentives, quiet activity for down times, and a perfect activity for indoor recess.
For preschool and kindergarten, the Wikki Stix Early Learning Trio offers a fun, engaging way for little ones to learn letter and number formation as well as basic shapes.

The Wikki Stix Activity Book is a delightful preschool readiness tool, with multiple play-based
learning activities.

And, of course…arts & crafts fun is a natural with Wikki Stix…for all grades and ages!


Inspire Active Play Everyday

Dedicated to keeping toddlers and young children active since 2015, Playzone-fit is a collection of products designed to transform any space, indoors or out, into a fitness playground in minutes to challenge kids with exciting physical and mental exercise.

Keeping young children engaged in active play and entertained away from screens continues to challenge parents. Building and growing an active play zone at home will support childrens’ development of balance, concentration, teamwork skills, confidence, strength and overall motor skills.

Weather it is running and jumping through the Obstacle Set, playing the “floor is lava” with Stepping Stones or an increase in confidence from making it all of the way across the Balance Blox without falling off, toddlers and young children can see a mentally and physically stronger future because they are active TODAY!


Fun family games

Business duo (mom and dad) Michele and Jabus McKenzie established Cybele’s Games in 2020 to share their young daughter Cybele’s creativity with other children by publishing board games invented by the tween-ager. Cybele McKenzie designs and illustrates all game elements, the playing format, and the rules. She tests every game with her two younger brothers. Candy Collections! The debut board game launched in January 2021.  

“This utterly delightful beginner's board game has all the makings of an instant classic!” begins the complete write up by Tillywig Awards. “The board and all accompanying game components are so playfully and visually enticing that youngsters react to them with a level of exuberance one might expect from (there's just no other way to put it) a kid in a candy store!”  

“And while there is no actual candy in the game, there are an abundance of candy cards, worth varying numbers of points, that get collected, traded, stolen, and sometimes put in the candy jar until some lucky player gets to scoop them up! The predominantly luck-based play is remarkably energizing, with each player, in turn, moving their uniquely adorable character token based on rolls of the dice. Game play moves swiftly and smoothly (there is truly never a dull moment), with spaces landed upon working in conjunction with Mystery cards and Super cards to determine a wide variety of exciting outcomes. Contents include Game board, Dice, 6 Character tokens, 35 Candy cards, 21 Mystery cards and 21 Super cards. Our hats are off to Cybele McKenzie, the 11-year-old inventor of this fabulous board game!”

Ideal for families with young children, Candy Collections! takes about 15 to 20 minutes to complete a full round. The game is perfect for Family Game Night as it allows two to six players at once. It is easy to play and easy to learn and fun for ALL ages.

“Cybele hopes that by sharing her games with you, she will spark joy in your life and bring your family and friends together just as it has done for her,” explains Michele McKenzie, Cybele’s mom. “We look forward to bringing you more fun family games invented by our daughter that will help you enjoy Family Game Night too!  

Order online at https://www.cybelesgames.com/ or at Amazon, https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08QSL68TV

www.cybelesgames.com, michele.mckenzie@kltrdesigns.com, 202-212-9517

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