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Children Learn Social/Emotional Learning and Become EQ Smart with CJ

The “Voices of CJ” program for children ages 21/2 -6 is fun, engaging, and easy to use both by parents and teachers. CJ stands for Creator of Joy and is a 7-pointed plus star. Each point of CJ’s star is a voice that helps develop the skills the emotional brain requires for emotional well-being. The critical age for this parenting and teaching is birth to six, when the emotional brain is growing the fastest. Daniel Goleman, the father of emotional intelligence, after much research, formulated the 7 attributes necessary for experiencing one’s potential. Early childhood professionals refer to this skill development as social and emotional learning.

Karen Stone, the creator and developer of this extraordinary program, has 45 years of experience in education. Her life’s work and purpose have been committed to the emotional well-being of all children. Through her own childhood and work with young children, she learned that the key to success is emotional intelligence. Research today shows that EQ is 80% of success in life, and EQ raises IQ. As we teach our children to read, we must also teach them SEL/EQ. To provide an easy and engaging way to teach these important skills, Karen created the “Voices of CJ” program. Each point of CJ’s star is a voice that children learn to develop the 7 important life skills of empathy, self-con dence, delay of grati cation, managing emotions, accountability, sustaining hope, and persisting in the face of frustration.

Children will also get to meet CJ’s 8 buddies that help him teach how to be EQ Smart. There is an interactive website with games and activities. The YouTube channel “Children Become EQ Smart with CJ” using these fun and engaging characters to demonstrate these CJ’s 7 Voices!

Learn How to Become EQ Smart at EQforChildren.com

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