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Funkins is the multi-award winning, loveable eco- conscious children’s brand of mealtime products that are thoughtfully designed with fun patterns that kids love. The bright and cheerful collection of reus- able and washable lunch bags, napkins, and place- mats have been packing smiles into lunch boxes for over 10 years.

Funkins NEW toddler and children’s dish sets are already a top selling gift item for new moms! These adorable dishes are made of sustainable bamboo- ber and they are an eco-friendly mealtime solution that is both safe and fun.

Joining the Funkins line-up this year are match- ing gel icepacks, lunchbox note cards, peel & stick labels, and sticky notes, all in the brand’s top sell- ing patterns, including Mermaids, Unicorns, Ninjas, Koalas and more!

Created by a mom who was looking for kid-sized cloth napkins for her children’s school lunchboxes, the Funkins line has continued to grow every year offering innovative and reimaged lunch time prod- ucts that parents and kids are looking to buy. Offer all products as a set, or mix and match to create a custom gift.

Funkins is known and trusted by families, teachers, and retailers for their high-quality products that are bright and joyful and help keep eating spaces clean. Funkins is the winner of a 2021 Good Housekeeping Parenting Award, is a Parent Tested Parent Approved Award winning brand, and has received multiple Creative Child Product and Eco-Friendly Product of the Year awards. In recent years the products have also become celebrity favourites by the families of Matthew McConaughey and Camila Alves, Jennifer Lopez, and dozens of top family in uencers across North America. Funkins is a must-have for all family mealtime needs, from school and meals-on-the-go, to picnics, camps and more!

Adventerra Offers Cool Games to Help Save a Warming Planet

Adventerra’s new preschool line of beautiful jigsaw puzzles and games gently shows children how to care for our world. Adorable sea creatures, cool polar animals, and funny recycling bins introduce young kids to saving water, climate change, and recycling. They also have an endangered species matching game and an additional puzzle showing kids how to go green. Your family will love these eco educational games!

Saving Water

There is so much that kids can do to conserve water...like turning off the faucet while brushing their teeth! These 12 mini puzzles provide a fun challenge for kids ages 2+. On the red-edged pieces, adorable sea creatures show how water is wasted in everyday life, but on the green edged pieces, they show ways that children can save water.

Polar Adventure

Save the polar animals in this fun new board game for children ages 4+. Take a running start, jump from iceberg to iceberg, and try to reach the safety of the great glacier. Roll the die, and slow down or speed up when you roll a car, a factory, a ship, or a tree. It’s a great way to introduce children to the problem of climate change, and how they can fight it!

Hungry Bins

These bins are hungry! In this classification and memory game for ages 3+, children must find two of the same materials before feeding them to the proper bin. Fill them up with their favorite plastic, glass, paper, or food scraps, and win by recycling all 16 materials. Mmm...yummy!


Inspire Active Play Everyday

Dedicated to keeping toddlers and young children active since 2015, Playzone-fit is a collection of products designed to transform any space, indoors or out, into a fitness playground in minutes to challenge kids with exciting physical and mental exercise.

Keeping young children engaged in active play and entertained away from screens continues to challenge parents. Building and growing an active play zone at home will support childrens’ development of balance, concentration, teamwork skills, confidence, strength and overall motor skills.

Weather it is running and jumping through the Obstacle Set, playing the “floor is lava” with Stepping Stones or an increase in confidence from making it all of the way across the Balance Blox without falling off, toddlers and young children can see a mentally and physically stronger future because they are active TODAY!


P-flector® blocks the toilet seat gap to keep potty training kids from peeing through the gap – no more mess!

The P-flector® was created by For Kids By Parents®, Inc.’s CEO, Joseph M. Conrad III, out of the need to solve a particularly annoying parenting problem - his oldest son, during his potty training phase, was peeing through the gap between the toilet seat and bowl.  Cleaning up the mess and changing their son’s clothes was very frustrating for both parents.  Our CEO’s determination to solve this problem resulted in the P-flector®, our 1st product contribution to the juvenile products industry.  

The P-flector® attaches to the underside of a toilet seat and blocks the gap between the toilet seat and bowl, preventing seated potty training kids from peeing through the gap.  It’s made of a flexible material that allows it to conform to the curvature of both standard round and elongated toilets seats.   It can also attach to some curved bottom seats.  It’s attached to the seat with pressure sensitive double-sided tape and once attached, it can stay in place for extended periods of time.  While the tape is not permanent, additional tape is available to reapply it as needed.  

The P-flector® keeps potty training kids’ clothes and floors dry, reducing the need for parents and caregivers to have to clean up the mess.  Say goodbye to cleaning up urine puddles, yellow stains down the toilet’s front and yellow stained floors at the toilet’s base.  The P-flector® is easy to attach, can be cleaned in place, saves parents and caregivers time; and avoids the frustration of cleaning up the mess associated with this type of potty-training accident.  

The P-flector® won the 2021 Mom’s Choice Award, Creative Child Magazine’s 2020 and 2019 Product of the Year Award in their Potty-Training Category; and was nominated for the All Baby & Child 2018 New Product Award of Distinction in the Parent Helpers Category.  


YAY! Summer is finally here!

It's time for outdoor fun, summer camp, summer school…and summer travel. Four fun ways to enjoy Wikki Stix!

Clean, quiet and endlessly reusable…Wikki Stix are the perfect travel toy (used by several airlines to entertain their young passengers). The Wikki Stix Traveler offers 144 Wikki Stix and a 12-page booklet of fun, quiet, engaging activities for backseat or airplane.  

The USA Fun Pak provides 20 individual packs, each with 8 Wikki Stix and a colorful connect-the dot USA landmark or destination…along with Fun Facts. A great way to preview your summer trip…or just take a journey around the USA…without even leaving home!

Summer camp activities are fun to do at home…using handy things like paper towel cores and  paper plates. So even if summer camp may not happen in your area, you can still have lots of camp activities. The Wikki Stix website is full of super arts & crafts ideas.

Outdoor fun with Wikki Stix? Absolutely. Find a rock that inspires you…to turn into a turtle, a fish…or a face. Or use sticks, and embellish with Wikki Stix, to create your own backyard zoo.
And for the little ones, headed to first grade this Fall…The Wikki Stix Activity Book is ideal for preschool readiness skills. Visual discrimination activities, creative thinking and problem solving, letter and number recognition, colors and basic shapes awareness are provided throughout all 28 pages of this delightfully fun book.

And, of course…for anyone with a fidget issue…pandemics tend to make those more pronounced…there are Fidgit Stix! Affordable, reusable and a creative way to keep fidgety fingers occupied.




Funkins is known and trusted by families, teachers, and retailers for their high quality products that are bright and joyful and help keep eating spaces clean!

5 Reason to love Funkins Products:

  • greener and cleaner

  • must haves for back to school and on the go

  • washable and reusable

  • exclusive Funkins fun fabrics

  • lots of unique patterns for your one-of-a-kind kid!

Coming Soon...Matching mealtime accessories including bamboo dishes, name label stickers, lunch box note cards, ice packs, and more!


What kind of shoes do frogs wear? Open toad sandals - Elise W. | Pittsfield, MA

If you like that one, wait until you read all the great animal jokes riddles, one-liners, and more donated by kids across the United States to make you laugh and help kids. The new Simply Silly Animal Jokes joke book is the seventh and largest in the Little Book, Big Laughs joke book series. It is 192 pages filled with the funniest jokes about all your favorite furry, feathered, and scaly friends. 

Purchase this joke book and all the exclusive, award-winning UnitedHealthcare Children’s Foundation (UHCCF) Oliver & Hope's® storybooks, Little Book, Big Laughs joke books, plush animals, and games using our direct link uhccf.faire.com. With every purchase you make you will be helping to fund medical grants for children, like Trueman (featured on the cover), across the United States.

UHCCF is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization that offers timely financial support to families, so they can focus on what is important - improving the quality of life of their child. UHCCF grants help with the medical expenses not covered, or not fully covered by their commercial health insurance. You can learn more at uhccf.org.

How BUILDZI was built

For the past several years, Kevin and Steve have had a blast selling their growing family of simple, fast games: TENZI, SLAPZI, ITZI and PAIRZI. It's been a whirlwind of laughs and fun.

Yet behind the scenes, there was another story playing out. Kevin’s son, Collin (who had invented SLAPZI), had another idea for a game. He told his father, “When kids play with blocks, they're usually slow and deliberate. Why don’t we take regular building blocks and turn them into a speed game?” Kevin liked where Collin was headed and suggested he make a prototype.

A few weeks later, Collin pitched the idea to Kevin and Steve. Steve also liked the concept of a speed building game, but he didn’t like using regular old blocks. So off and on over the next three years the guys would meet and, bit-by-bit, improve the game, which they had started calling BUILDZI. But those old block shapes continued to bother Steve...so when he stumbled upon the cool pentomino shapes you see in the game now, well things just fell into place!

Of all the games that Kevin and Steve have created, BUILDZI has taken the longest, by far. But, as they say, Rome wasn’t built in a day.

We hope you enjoy!


Home Learning Made Fun!

Home learning doesn’t have to be boring. Take teaching into your own hands and make it interactive, by having fun and playing games whilst homeschooling. Our educational Top Trumps range is a great way to engage and motivate children with their learning during the pandemic. These packs are designed to guide children through some challenging subjects such as Science, Geography and History.


Festival fun! Sand Art Party Kit

Oh so colorful, classic and creative! Sandtastik offers sand art party kits in various sizes to suit your home, school, and/or fundraiser needs. Kids love to layer color-after-color of the naturally sparkling sand to ultimately create a memorable artistic masterpiece. Incredible fun, party-in-a-box!

Sandtastik’s kits come with everything needed including colorful bags of sand, clear bottles and twist-on caps, mini sand funnels, and instructions with some design tips and tricks. Sandtastik® Sand Art Activity Kit, Makes 8 Bottles #SAAK8 Sandtastik® Sand Art Activity Kit, Party Pack, Makes 25 Bottles #PRTYPK

Interested in customizing your nextsand art party? In addition to the all-in-one kits, Sandtastik also carries:

• Over 45 colors of sand,

• Avariety of clear bottle shapes and caps

• Mini funnels

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