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Duncan Flash Cards

If you have had kids, you probably have experienced the frustration of opening a brand new deck of ash cards, and then completely failing to get them back in that same chipboard sleeve. Or at least not without tearing the sleeve. Just never seems to go back in the same way! Ultimately you end up putting a rubber-band around it.

With the new Duncan Flash Cards, you get your cake and eat it too! You get a great deck of bright, high-quality, speed-flipping ash cards plus a clear, protective case for easy transporting and storage. In addition, answers to equations on reverse side of each card make learning easy for all.

Great merchandising with the peggable individual decks of cards. Or sell the Multi-Pack at a discounted price with the bright carrying case that holds all 4 decks.

Perfect size for speed and easy ipping!
• Answers on reverse side for all equations
Protective case for easy transport & storage Rounded corners give strength to cards
Color coded for easy sorting

BUY NOW AT www.yo-yo.com
order@yo-yo.com | 800-356-8396

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