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Firefox Is Celebrating Its 10th Year In Business!

Firefox Toys is a family-owned business that is committed to quality educational toys.  With our products, kids can learn basic principles of flight, explore science concepts, be creative and most important of all, play outside.

In 2012, Firefox took off with our namesake product, the Firefox Glider. The Firefox was not only durable, but it was a magnet of fun for all ages, everywhere!  As we participated in a variety of shows throughout the years, such as Astra, Learning Express and the NY Toy Fair, we observed how Firefox would bring out the kid in every adult that visited our booth. Our toy was a success!

Stores that bought our product also saw the value of outside play and family oriented fun and the rest is history.

With continued quality and durable toys, made of high-quality foam, our company continues to grow with more than 15 gliders to choose from.

As today’s digital world continues to evolve, Firefox’s mission has become stronger than ever in encouraging kids to exercise their minds and bodies, and families to become engaged in outdoor play.

We continue to support the “brick and mortar” local businesses of our country as they have continued to support us since 2012.

As we embark on our 10th Anniversary, we would like to thank all of those that have supported our business and made Firefox Toys a brand they can trust.

Thank you,
Firefox Family

(850) 765-8210

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