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How Wikki Stix Help Kids Learn. 

As the manufacturer of a very versatile product, we sometimes feel the need to help our customers understand the multiple applications of Wikki Stix...and which product does what!

And that is very true in the case of our Preschool Activity Book.  Created with input from a (very brave) woman who taught first grade for thirty years...The Preschool Activity Book is designed to help children be ready for first grade, by providing school readiness skills in a fun and playful format. And, what an amazing book it is with 28 pages providing 30 fun activities!

To help parents understand how this works, we created a separate sheet, which is included in each book...explaining how each activity contributes to a child’s educational preparedness.
For example, what appear to be simple fun connect-the-dot pictures, actually help reinforce numbers in sequence.

And the same is true of all the fun, play-based activities...some assist with visual discrimination while others address creative thinking and problem solving. Letter recognition is important, and occurs on several pages, as does color identification.

Understanding two-step directions is also found on a number of pages.

So by including a sheet, which clearly defines the preschool readiness skills offered in this book, we provided parents with an understanding of how this fun activity book is not only entertaining and engaging...but a valuable tool in getting
kids ready for their next step!


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