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Indulge your Imagination Since 1997

Indulge your Imagination Since 1997 Aeromax has set out to create dress up to spark the imaginations in children.

Even though the company began with at angle-free toy parachute, Aeromax is probably best known for its high-quality dress up gear for infants, adults, and everyone in between. Not just for Halloween, dress-up outfits from Aeromax are carefully designed to with stand the test of time. The quality is so amazing, that kids will out grow them long before they wear them out. Giving kids these amazing choices for costumes makes it so much fun to play dress up without raiding mom and dad’s closet.

There is nothing more amazing than watching your kids pretend and have a blast doing it. Children today need play time away from TVs, phones and computers. Imaginative play is an important part of childhood. Aeromax, Inc. specializes intoys and dress-up gear that encourage creative, battery-free thinking.

Aeromax has 30+ “Get Real Gear” outfits that are designed to look exactly like uniformsand attire worn by adults in real careers. Kids love pretending to be doctors, scientists, fire fighters and so much more in these true-to-life outfits. The “GetReal Gear” Astronaut costume is so realistic, it’s sold at the Kennedy Space Center’s gift shop and at the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum Store.They have also shown up in TV commercials, shows and have even become thego-to dress up outfit of choice for celebrity’s kids.




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