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Introduce your household to Echidna Shuffle

Introduce your household to Echidna Shuffle, a family-friendly game of picking up cute bugs and delivering them to their stumps. Roll a die and move the twelve adorable echidnas who carry the bugs on their backs. Keep to the paths and get your bugs home. But watch out, other players may derail you. Deliver all three of your bugs and win!

The game has big, beautifully crafted echidnas that kids love, and six different kinds of bugs in bright colors with matching stumps. There is also a unique two-sided board to keep things fresh and exciting. Echidna Shuffle is also designed with smaller hands in mind so the whole family can enjoy playing together!

With its addictively cute pieces, sturdy construction and intuitive game play, Echidna Shuffle has already won several awards, including the Origins Award: Fan Favorite Family Game of the Year (2019), Mom's Choice Awards Gold Award: Family-Friendly Game (2022) and the Creative Child Award: Game of the Year for Family Games (2022).

Echidna Shuffle is for two to six players, ages six and up, and an average game takes only ten to twenty-minutes to play. The game has been a huge hit with groups of all ages from around the world.  So, hop on an echidna and join the shuffle. Isn't it time to find out what you've been missing?


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