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Special Gift suggestions for Special Kids

Anticipating and ordering this year’s “hot item” for Christmas can be challenging....being sure you have the one the kids want! How about ideas for the “other kids”...the ones who may need something a little more focusedand unique. The autism spectrum requires an array of “special gift” suggestions.

For example, products thatcan offer calming, soothing interaction. Also, products offering open-ended, mistake-free activities which provide positive reinforcement. The entire Wikki Stix line works perfectly.How about those science nerds? Something open-ended that can be used to demonstrate Continental Drift as well as the inside of a volcano...now that’s a STEM product versatile enough to delight any young science nerd! (Wikki Stix STEM Pak)

Sensory processing issues can cause some children to reject many of the toys most kids gravitateto. OT’s find that the texture of Wikki Stix often help kids learn to explore and enjoy a familiar tactile sensation. STEM fun for Preschoolers! Circles, Squares, Triangles....and how they combine to make thethings we see all around us! Spatial awareness including proportion and proximity...are fun and easy with mistake-free Wikki Stix.

The creative, artistic child would love a medium for making intricate pictures, flat designs andposters.... PLUS awesome 3-D creatures ! What other product offers that kind of versatility?And....in 23 colors? Wow!

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