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Sweetening up family time

When ViBugo founders, Astrid Vinje and Clint Bush found themselves and their children in pandemic lockdown in early 2020, they did what any family would do to pass them time: they played games.

But the Vinje-Bush family took it one step further. Clint tasked his then 9-year-old daughter to help him create a new card game for the family to play. That game, named Stack The Scoops by their then 6-year-old son, turned out to be so fun, they knew they had to share it with others.

Today, Stack The Scoops is an award-winning card game enjoyed by hundreds of families around the world.

“One of the things we like about Stack The Scoops is that families can either play it together during family time, or have their kids play on their own,” says Astrid, “it’s also fun and doesn’t rely on screens.”

Targeted towards 5- to 10-year-olds, Stack The Scoops encourages players to build sets of ice cream by matching base, scoop, and topping cards. Players collect points depending on the card combination and can double or triple their score with double scoop or triple scoop cards.

Game play is easy enough for young children to understand, yet still engaging for older players too. And the incorporation of simple math into the game play reassures parents that kids are learning while they’re playing.

A graphic designer by training, Clint tapped into his creative side to develop the whimsical designs of Stack The Scoops.

“We really wanted the cards to be fun and appealing to kids,” he explains.

But the game itself is truly a family collaboration, with every member bringing something to the table. And it’s that focus on family time that makes Stack The Scoops so loved by families.

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