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The Really Cool Tool For Teaching School!

Not just an arts & crafts product and not just a favorite travel toy…but also a true teaching tool and learning medium…Wikki Stix One-of-a-Kind Creatables have a unique educational side that teachers have appreciated for years.

With back-to-school actually here for the first time in a while, the educational aspect of Wikki Stix comes to the front. And STEM is a great arena for hands-on, involved learning as those STEM subjects (Science – Technology – Engineering – Math) can be intimidating. And may have been the toughest subjects for parents to home-school.

But, one-of-a-kind Wikki Stix make the tough stuff FUN! Hands-on and engaging, they are fun for kids to use and can actually help them become involved in the lesson. And, because they are virtually “mistake proof” Wikki Stix enable kids to tackle challenging science projects like diagrams, cross sections, fractions…and more…with confidence.

As a classroom management tool, Wikki Stix Mini Play Paks are a favorite of teachers for use as rewards, incentives, quiet activity for down times, and a perfect activity for indoor recess.
For preschool and kindergarten, the Wikki Stix Early Learning Trio offers a fun, engaging way for little ones to learn letter and number formation as well as basic shapes.

The Wikki Stix Activity Book is a delightful preschool readiness tool, with multiple play-based
learning activities.

And, of course…arts & crafts fun is a natural with Wikki Stix…for all grades and ages!


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