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What can you make with your Wikki Stix?

A snowflake, a flower…they’re easy to do and neat for little kids, cause they don’t need glue!

They stick by themselves, which is fun and fast. Make something quick or something that will last. Screens, screens…everywhere you go! Tablets, phones, iPads…you know. Kids nowadays need to re-learn PLAY…

Spark imagination, the Wikki Stix way! Kids not spunky? Feeling kinda sick? Brighten their day with some Wikki Stix! Weather too bad to play outside? Give Wikkies to a child and watch him go wild! Many preschoolers find it a chore to learn letters and numbers; for some it’s a bore. They’re hands-on and fun, the Wikki Stix way. Make learning a breeze and save the day! A bracelet…a necklace...a big fancy ring! Load up on glam and bring on the bling! Wearable Wikki Stix jewelry is fun; Lots of things to make…not just one. Cords, cords everywhere? Don’t go nuts and tear out your hair! Wrap each with a Wikki — color code them, too. The modem is red; the router is blue! Math a challenge?  No thinking cap? Fractions with Wikki Stix… it’s a snap! Middle School science a challenge, too? With Wikki Stix, it’s fun to do! Over the river and through the woods, Kids in the backseat…being good! Wikki Stix fun is quiet and clean. Best time on a trip you’ve ever seen! Kids staring at screens ‘til you wanna scream? Watching them play again isn’t a dream. With Wikki Stix, you’ve got it made in the shade. In just a minute you’ll hear, “Mom..look what I made!” Cars, planes and train rides, too. Wikkies give kids lots to do. Getting there’s now part of the fun. Hats off to you…the battle is won! Ice cream and cake and gifts galore! Birthday parties are never a bore. Wikki Fun Favors provide lots of fun. And go home with the guests when the party’s done. In a jam, not sure what you need? Wikki Stix may help tackle the deed. Stick flowers in a vase? all over the place! Fix a flat? Hmmm…not sure about that.

What’s been around for 32 years? Something you know will bring on the cheers! Easy for kids, ‘cuz they just stick; Yup…you could call it the Wikki Stix trick! Manufacturer of the Month is an honor to be; Telling our story for all to see! We gave it a twist, with stanzas and rhyme, In hopes you’d all read...and have a good time!


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