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YAY! Summer is finally here!

It's time for outdoor fun, summer camp, summer school…and summer travel. Four fun ways to enjoy Wikki Stix!

Clean, quiet and endlessly reusable…Wikki Stix are the perfect travel toy (used by several airlines to entertain their young passengers). The Wikki Stix Traveler offers 144 Wikki Stix and a 12-page booklet of fun, quiet, engaging activities for backseat or airplane.  

The USA Fun Pak provides 20 individual packs, each with 8 Wikki Stix and a colorful connect-the dot USA landmark or destination…along with Fun Facts. A great way to preview your summer trip…or just take a journey around the USA…without even leaving home!

Summer camp activities are fun to do at home…using handy things like paper towel cores and  paper plates. So even if summer camp may not happen in your area, you can still have lots of camp activities. The Wikki Stix website is full of super arts & crafts ideas.

Outdoor fun with Wikki Stix? Absolutely. Find a rock that inspires you…to turn into a turtle, a fish…or a face. Or use sticks, and embellish with Wikki Stix, to create your own backyard zoo.
And for the little ones, headed to first grade this Fall…The Wikki Stix Activity Book is ideal for preschool readiness skills. Visual discrimination activities, creative thinking and problem solving, letter and number recognition, colors and basic shapes awareness are provided throughout all 28 pages of this delightfully fun book.

And, of course…for anyone with a fidget issue…pandemics tend to make those more pronounced…there are Fidgit Stix! Affordable, reusable and a creative way to keep fidgety fingers occupied.



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