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Duncan Flash Cards

If you have had kids, you probably have experienced the frustration of opening a brand new deck of ash cards, and then completely failing to get them back in that same chipboard sleeve. Or at least not without tearing the sleeve. Just never seems to go back in the same way! Ultimately you end up putting a rubber-band around it.

With the new Duncan Flash Cards, you get your cake and eat it too! You get a great deck of bright, high-quality, speed-flipping ash cards plus a clear, protective case for easy transporting and storage. In addition, answers to equations on reverse side of each card make learning easy for all.

Great merchandising with the peggable individual decks of cards. Or sell the Multi-Pack at a discounted price with the bright carrying case that holds all 4 decks.

Perfect size for speed and easy ipping!
• Answers on reverse side for all equations
Protective case for easy transport & storage Rounded corners give strength to cards
Color coded for easy sorting

BUY NOW AT www.yo-yo.com
order@yo-yo.com | 800-356-8396

The premiere company in North America presenting award-winning classical music for children

For over 30 years the Children’s Group has been producing award-winning collections of music that introduce children to the best Classical composers in history. Our goal is to provide children with an engaging educational point of entry into the world of classical music through stories that bring the great composers to life, creating an emotional connection to their masterpieces, and inspiring personal development through exposure that leads children to to greater achievement and success in life.

Our series includes the Classical Kids CDs (also available as audiobooks) where the life of each composer and historical context about their music is presented as a story infused with their most-loved tunes. These include Beethoven Lives Upstairs, Bach Comes To Call, and Gershwin’s Magic Key. The 10-set series includes Handel, Tchaikovsky, Mozart and Vivaldi.

From its modest beginnings at her dining room table, series creator Susan Hammond created an Emmy-Award winning video, five acclaimed touring Symphony shows, four beautifully illustrated books, two DVDs, and acclaimed Teacher’s Notes. For her efforts, Hammond won an unprecedented six Juno Awards and has been honoured with the Order of Canada for her contribution to the Arts.

The Mozart Effect series is built upon music educator Don Campbell’s research: that music is not only rich and rewarding to experience, but a bridge to a more creative, intelligent and healthy life. Campbell’s book The Mozart Effect, was a bestseller in 1997, while the accompanying CDs The Mozart Effect Music for Children and Music for Babies series dominated the Classical Billboard charts for the following two years. Each CD is designed to enhance intelligence, inspire creativity and encourage body movement. This series combines up-to-date medical and psychological research in creative and intelligence development to provide an effective learning experience for children.

Each series is a favourite among primary school teachers and the Children’s Group provides extensive teacher resources packages that guide classes through the content on each CD, so that children of all ages can learn age-appropriate appreciation for this music. Over the last 20 years both of these series have earned accolades and awards from parent groups, educational publications and classical music organizations. Most of these CDs have been re-recorded in recent years with the Toronto Philharmonic Orchestra in order to benefit from modern production. They are manufactured in Canada and distributed globally, with versions available in English, Spanish, German and French.

(905) 690–9397

Fun for Ages 3 to 103.

For years Wikki Stix have been regarded as a “preschool or little kids” product…and indeed we are! Two new items definitely attest to that. The all-new Activity Set is full of hands-on fun for ages 4-6…and includes a lightweight playboard, fun purple carry bag with I.D. sticker, 4-page booklet of ideas and illustrations…and 84 Wikki Stix.

The Preschool Activity Book provides school readiness skills in play-based activities to help preschoolers prepare for their next step! With 72 Wikki Stix and over 30 fun activities created by a 30-year first grade teacher, it is fun, engaging and educational.

And Wikki Stix are proud to be an American-made kid’s toy…something that clearly sets us apart from the vast majority.

But looking across the whole line, you will see items from the STEM Pak…to the Creative Activity Pak for Senior Living facilities.

For middle school and high school science, there is no easier way to create and demonstrate molecular structure, the DNA double helix, and concepts like wave amplitude, isobars, cross sections, fractions and so much more!

For the activity center in a senior living facility, finding something new and innovative to engage the residents…can be a challenge!  Wikki Stix provide a unique, hands-on activity that not only entertains seniors but can provide an impetus for conversation and interaction.

And while mentioning fun get-together activities, Wikki Stix offer lots of fun favors for activities of all kinds…birthday parties, Halloween hand-outs, Valentines Day…and a fun pak of USA landmarks and special places!


Award Winning Stories With Characters That Delight 

Award-Winning children's author, Alva Sachs, takes the reader on a journey of adventure, fun, and friendship with her empowering, exciting, and engaging stories for kids.

Creative, original, along with illustrations by Patricia Krebs, that make adventures come to life!  Kids actually feel part of the story and can see themselves as one of the characters.

Extended follow-up activities for readers after the story include word searches, crossword puzzles, word scrambles, along with creative coloring sheets, just for fun!  

FREE to download at our website! https:www.threewishespublishing.com Made in the USA

Three Wishes Publishing Company


Learn, Play, Win!

Do you like dinosaurs, planes, sharks, birds or Disney?  Maybe baby animals, professional athletes, or Harry Potter are more to your liking?  Whatever you’re interested in, so are we!  

With many options to choose from, there is at least one that is bound to pique your interest.  Top Trumps is simple, engaging, and fun!  Whether you are having a game night, going on a long car ride, or having a picnic, Top Trumps can accompany you wherever you go, thanks to the self-contained plastic carry case.  Top Trumps packs allow you to learn a few fun facts while trumping your opponents.

Along with Top Trumps we offer Match, Quiz, playing cards,  and Monopoly: City Editions. With Match, match 5 of the same character in a row before your opponent, and hope they can’t steal the win from you!  Though fun for all ages, Match helps younger kids begin strategy learning as well as improve their fine motor skills.  Also, in its easy to pack up and carry case, parents will love its quick and easy clean up as well as portability.

Quiz is all about testing your knowledge of a beloved subject!  Do you think you know all there is to know about Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings?  Do you think you are a big Elvis or Disney fan?  We challenge you to play and answer as many of the 500 questions that each Quiz game entails.

City Editions of Monopoly offer a glimpse into cities around the U.S.  Buy amazing sites, make the highest bids on each property, build houses and hotels, and become the richest citizen in cities like Cambridge, Brooklyn, or San Antonio…pick your favorite token and roll the dice!

With so many categories, licences, and products to choose from, Top Trumps USA is sure to fit into your home.  

Our products can be found at USA retailers including Fred Meyer, Barnes and Noble, HEB, Select Learning Express, Amazon and various other retailers both online and in-store.

For more information or to browse our range: www.toptrumps.us


The Stacking Hamburger from The Original Toy Company

Fresh o the grill, stack the toppings the way you like! This wooden stacking burger is ideal for building hand-eye coordination and motor skills.

5” high x 4” diameter
packed in a retail color box Ages 24 months +

Play helps a child to learn about the world and the environment by recognizing shapes, textures, spaces, color and by developing skills, all of which help in the development of intellectual and creative abilities. All of our products are specially designed to encourage and stimulate a child through play in a fun and interesting way.

The Original Toy Company is Specialty Toy Company that supports Specialty Retailers 100%, we simply have built our reputation as a company that is committed to that mission statement, some companies like to say they do, but we simply wake up everyday totally committed to our company foundation “We are Specialty”...We hope you enjoy our products!

Indulge your imagination

Not just for Halloween, dress-up outfits from Aeromax are carefully designed to withstand the test of time. The quality is so amazing, that kids will outgrow them long before they wear them out.

Giving kids these amazing choices for costumes makes it so much fun to play dress up without raiding mom and dad’s closet. There is nothing more amazing than watching your kids pretend and have a blast doing it. Children today need playtime away from TVs, phones
and computers. Imaginative play is an important part of childhood. Aeromax, Inc. specializes in toys and dress-up gear that encourage creative, battery-free thinking.

Aeromax has 30+ “Get Real Gear” outfits that are designed to look exactly like uniforms and attire worn by adults in real careers. Kids love pretending to be doctors, scientists, fire fighters and so much more in these true-to-life outfits. The “Get Real Gear” Astronaut costume is so realistic, it’s sold at the Kennedy Space Center’s gift shop and at the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum Store. They have also shown up in TV commercials, shows and have even become the go-to dress up outfit of choice for celebrity’s kids.


The Inflatable Play Fort

Just Add Air

Show Special

ASTRA: Long Beach 2022 Booth #: F22

$3 off per unit and free shipping for 100 units or more. 20 units or more -- free shipping. 

Free Demo unit for first-time customer orders.

All first-time customer orders of 20 or more are guaranteed – we will buy them back and pick them up, if they don't sell. Monday June 13th through June 15th.

Please give us a call at 1 (800) 619-1090 for any questions or to place an order. You may also fill out the contact form to the right and we will get back to you as soon as possible!

Monday – Friday 9:00AM to 5:00PM

125 South Highway 101
Solana Beach, CA 92075

Stretch it, bounce it, pop it, tear it, sculpt it! 

A world leader and innovative company in creative play, Crazy Aaron’s has been making genuine Thinking Putty® since 1998. Founder, Crazy Aaron, has continued to trailblaze within the toy industry by establishing new product lines and brands to inspire curiosity and wonder for curious people of all ages! Known for creating the best putty on earth, Crazy Aaron’s has also reinvented a childhood classic with Land of Dough®. Land of Dough® is play dough reimagined! Handcrafted from natural ingredients and considered the most sustainable play dough product on the planet. All Crazy Aaron’s products are made with safe, nontoxic, top-quality materials and ingredients right on Main Street, USA in Norristown, PA.  

Mission: We make Thinking Putty® and other creative, innovative products to inspire curiosity and wonder and to educate and delight our customers all over the world.


E-Blox Circuit Blox BYO DJ Set

Are you ready to host your own Dance Party? Coming this Fall 2022, E-Blox will be introducing the Circuit Blox BYO DJ Set product that will have your party dancing to some of the coolest DJ songs and sounds around.  

You build it, and the box turns into a DJ table where you can play 3 original DJ songs recorded by SOLI (www.djsoli.com) and insert 15 different DJ sounds to get your party hoppin'!  You can also connect your music device through BluetoothTM to play your own music out the HI-DEF speaker and insert DJ sounds to your own music.  

E-Blox products are designed to stimulate a child’s imagination and creativity, and teach every child to investigate our world through interactive play, creative reasoning, and systematic building of objects that will provide endless hours of fun and learning. E-Blox is leading the way to a whole new generation of educational toys that give children of all ages the building blocks of a STEAM/STEAM education through the joy of play and discovery.  

The Circuit Blox BYO DJ Set is just the latest of a long line of E-Blox products that engage kids of all ages to Learn by Building.  Order your limited addition Circuit Blox BYO DJ Set now, and get ready to party!


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