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Mindtwister USA

Fandooble is a wildly fun and fast party game, filled with dragons, knights, wizards… oh and a scoundrel named Fandooble. It’s a race against your opponents to steal all of the gold from the fearsome dragon and possibly some of your friends too.

Taking turns, players roll the four dice, pushing their luck to see how much gold they can get. Rolling as often as they want, taking treasure from the dragon or their friends and foes alike, it’s the luck of the dice, but roll three dragons and you’re done!

Three of the dice have treasure and dragons. The treasure gets you gold; the dragons foil your spoils. Three dragons rolled and your stash goes back to the dragon’s pile, if those dragons are red you lose the stash from your turn and all the gold in your bank. Ouch! How does one fight such dastardly beasts? With Knights and Wizards of course!

The other die has wizards and knights to help you along the way, but you never know when they’ll show up. It also has the rascally scoundrel Fandooble; he’ll steal your hard stolen gold and give it to someone else.
Fandooble is a hit at parties, on the road, or waiting for your meal at a restaurant. Kids and adults alike love the artwork, theme, and simplistic gameplay.

Fandooble plays 2-6 players and is suitable for all ages, 6 and up.
Play time varies from 10-30 minutes.

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