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Mini Kick

Kickboard USA

A Good Green Healthy Happy Way To Get to Pre-school This Fall

It all started, and continues, as a bit of rage in New York City, but now kids all over the US are discovering the  joys of riding the Mini Kick (also known as Mini Micro in other parts of the world).

  • The Mini is a stable, smooth-gliding, 3-wheel scooter that is absolute perfection for kids ages 3-5.
  • The Mini's quality construction is evident upon viewing it and in fact it has.
  • received awards from both the Oppenheim Toy Portfolio and and Parent's Choice.

The 3 wheels and low-to-the-ground deck provide extra stability and the Mini's lean-to-steer mechanism means no sharp turns, so young kids won't lose their balance - the Mini turns with a smooth curve rather than the 90 degree turn of traditional scooters.

With the right care, a Mini will last forever, or at least long enough to be passed on once or twice, to younger siblings or cousins - and that's because every part is replaceable - from the handle bar covers (in gorgeous bright colors), to the deck (in gorgeous bright colors), to the the brake, wheels, bolts, and every little screw - you will never need (or want) to throw your Mini away.

Young children feel proud of their new mobility as they scoot along with Mom or Dad (yes, Kickboard does carry scooters and kickboards for adults, too), and they also get exercise, and learn about helping planet Earth to stay a little bit greener - what's not to love?

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