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Multi-colored Ball of Whacks

Creative Whack Company

The award-winning Ball of Whacks is also available in an exciting multi-color edition. Six brilliantly contrasting colors transform the Ball of Whacks, making it more appealing and expanding its creative possibilities. The Multi-color Ball of Whacks consists of five pieces of six colors: red, yellow, green, blue, black, and white.

The 30 magnetic pyramids click together into unlimited shapes and designs. The pieces can also be configured according to the color-design challenges in the 96-page companion book, for even more brain-teasing fun.

Try the “Six-Color” Challenge. Separate the Ball of Whacks, then put all 30 Whacks pieces back into the Ball shape, with no same-colored pyramids touching anywhere—neither along the sides, nor at the pyramid points. For example, a red piece cannot touch another red piece anywhere. Once you have mastered this challenge, see how fast you can do it!

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