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Silly Creatures Kbeu Mom Pillow with Baby and Food

Silly Creatures

Kbeu Mom Pillow is a bigger Kbeu made of 100% Organic Cotton. It was designed with the smaller crowd in mind so it is safe for children of all ages, but recommended for skill levels of 12 months and up. She has a digestive system that is much bigger than the regular Kbeus and she eats big stuffed "cookies" that can be pushed from its mouth through its digestive system all the way to the other end, or pulled from the other end. The bigger size of the digestive system allows for easy manipulation by toddlers. Kbeu Mom comes with a baby in her womb that can be delivered and nursed by her teats. Her womb however, can hold up to three babies, which can be purchased separately. Additional "food" pieces can also be purchased separately. As a pillow, Kbeu Mom is very soft and cuddly and its firmness can be adjusted by adding/removing food or babies.

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