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Mind Game Menagerie

Playing Disk, 75 Word Forming Cards, 5 Folders,
5 Answer Pads, 5 Pencils, 2 timers (3-minute &
5-minute), Instructions.
Quickly write down ten words that contain the
corresponding word fragment. Score points
based on the number of syllables in your word.
Score the most points to win the game.
Set timer and disk in the center of play. Shuffle
and spread all 75 cards face down on the disk.

A game is played in 4 rounds. To play a round,
do the following steps 1-6:
1. All players take a folder containing an answer
pad and a pencil.
2. One player is chosen to shuffle and spread
all 75 cards face down on the center disk.
In clockwise fashion, each player takes a turn
selecting a card and sharing the word fragment
indicated on the face with the other players.
All players assign each word fragment in the
same order on the short line of their answer sheet
until all numbers (10 - 1) are assigned.
3. The timer is inverted and play begins.
4. Players are to form words containing
the corresponding word fragment. The fragment
may appear anywhere in the word .
5. When the timer runs out, players must
immediately cease writing.

6. How to score a round: Players, in turn, compare
their words with each other aloud beginning with
number 10. Each player corrects their own answers
by circling an acceptable word that DOES NOT match
any other players’ word. Players score 1 point for
each syllable in their word and record their total
score for each round in the circle at the top of their
answer sheet. After 4 rounds of play, the player with
the highest score is the winner.
Play Includes:
Extra Points-Bluffing-Challenges-Game Variations
© 2006 Art-Tea Facts, Inc.

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