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TableTalk Conversation Cards for the Entire Family

U.S. Games Systems, Inc

What do today’s kids like to talk about? U.S. Games Systems’ popular series of TableTalk® Conversation Cards was designed as a way to get to get the whole family engaged in conversations with a wide assortment of subjects including science, sports, animals, movies, and art. With colorful graphics, each 52-card deck presents fascinating facts and intriguing questions to get kids thinking and talking.

U.S. Games Systems has updated and expanded the TableTalk series to include even more timely topics like GreenTalk, which explores the choices we all make every day for greener living, and SleepytimeTime, which offers parents soothing bedtime topics for young ones. The TableTalk series now offers 18 different decks to choose from, with exciting new titles that include DiscoveryTalk, BaseBallTalk, PetTalk. FootballTalk, TastyTalk, WeatherTalk, and SpookyTalk.

TableTalk Conversation cards decks are sold individually or with a complimentary counter display with purchase of 18 or more decks that YOU select.

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