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The Art of Children's Conversation

TAOC: The Art of Conversation

The Art of Conversation is the perfect way for children to become great communicators, learn about other people, and better understand themselves, all as  they grow strong  relationships  
TAOC is ideal for use in a multitude of educational and therapeutic settings, as well as being fun for all!
•    Highly Effective in numerous settings including:  Special Needs, ESL, Gifted Programs, Anti-bullying, Language Delays, Literacy & Language Development,  Children at Risk, Speech Pathology, and much more;
•    Critically-acclaimed by Educators, Therapists, Parents, and Children;
•    Teaches that differences do not need to create conflict!
•    Facilitates bonding, integration and attachment ;
•    Game of the Year award-winner  (Creative Play);
•    Carefully-researched, developed and tested;,
•    Nine different variations on “play”, including a solo mode;  
•    Comprising over 200 carefully-researched and tested areas of communication; and each
•    Includes comprehensive communication guidebook.
Ages: 4-104
ISBN Single Unit 9780980345537
ISBN 12 Pack Display 9780980345506

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