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The Art of Conversation®

TAOC: The Art of Conversation

Despite living in an age of 24/7 connectedness, more children than ever start school with language delays and deficiencies! Family dinners are a thing of the past in many homes. Youth homelessness, drug and alcohol abuse, marriage breakdown and disconnected families, are just a few of the problems stemming from poor communication.
TAOC® promises to help people of all ages relate and understand each other, and:
•    Builds strong relationships whilst developing confident speakers, empathic listeners, and great all-round communicators;
•    Is easy and enjoyable to use;
•    Works in a wide variety of settings on various levels;
•    Is beneficial for use in therapeutic, rehabilitation and dispute-resolution situations;
•    Has applications for health and corporate training sectors;
•    Teaches that differences need not create conflict;
•    Provides new and harmonious outcomes with each use;
•    Clears pathways and emotional blocks to learning; and
•    Encourages individual development and insight into self and others.
As with all TAOC®s, all that's needed to benefit is your own life experiences, interests and ideas. Contains over 300 fascinating communication development questions, plus guidelines.
All Ages
ISBN Single Unit: 9780646462141
ISBN 12 Pack Display 9780980345544

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