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The Art of Food Conversation

TAOC: The Art of Conversation

With childhood obesity an epidemic in the developed world, and eating damaging lives, food is a vital subject for educators’ attention.                                                                     TAOC® The Art of Food Conversation is the ideal way to unlock curiosity, focusing on what really matters about the food going onto our plates and into our mouths.
This delightful resource may be used in a variety of ways with all ages, serving up over 300 culinary entrees to food communication, with a comprehensive guidebook complete with fascinating, funny and educational endnotes.
•    Put conflicted attitudes about food into perspective;
•    Learn about food - what it is, where it comes from, how it’s prepared and whether its effects are beneficial or otherwise;
•    Inspire unadventurous eaters;
•    Discuss preparation, balance, tastes, popular dishes, , healthy snacks, leftovers and  comfort foods;
•    Laugh, and learn from food quotations;
•    Actively share aspects of food and eating, e.g. ingredients (from abalone to zucchini), wild foods, sustainability, ethical eating, destinations, chefs,  cuisines, recipes from the classics to the cutting edge;
•    Discuss and share hints and recipes; and.
•    Debate, research, write, create, and communicate!
Developed with renowned Sydney Food
Editor,Trudi Hollinsworth
ISBN Single Unit 9780980843514
ISBN 12 Pack Display 9780980843521

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