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The Art of Literary Conversation

TAOC: The Art of Conversation

For Readers, Writers, Students & Educators, this special edition of TAOC® is for every lover of all things literary.
•    Even reluctant readers will be drawn into the world of books;
•    Gain new perspectives on why we read (and  write) ;
•    Understand how reading reaches across time and space to put us inside the lives of completely different people ;
•    Wax lyrical, and listen effectively;
•    Uncover your inner literary critic or author;
•    Covers all genres;
•    Variations on use in a multitude of settings and programs; and
•    Encourages debates, discussions, research – in short, communication.
It’s not a quiz or trivia test, and it matters not what you read.                                                    Rather, TAOC Literary inspires responses based on experiences and ideas.
With over 300 literary connectors, 32-page guidebook with informative endnotes, TAOC® Literary has been carefully researched, developed and tested with assistance from respected literature teacher and writer, Leila Bryant.
Ages: 9 - 109
ISBN Single Unit 9780980345568
ISBN 12 Pack Display 9780980345582

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