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The Art of Travel Conversation

TAOC: The Art of Conversation

The world has always provided great opportunities for education, from “What I did during my holidays” essays, to immersion in foreign languages. This resource from TAOC® provides new and flexible education options at every level, across a wide range of subjects.
TAOC® Travel:
•    Illuminates many subjects including geography, history, languages, anthropology, philosophy, architecture, politics and much more;
•    Helps develop a broader world view;
•    Facilitates guided discussions, debates, essay and research topics, interactive tours, lesson plans;
•    Provides stimulating learning opportunities, inspiration and impetus for related tasks and talks;
•    Helps students understand the practicalities of travel;
•    Works regardless of actual travel experiences; and
•    Is an excellent resource for students of all ages.
Contains over 300 ways to awaken myriad world journeys with comprehensive and fascinating endnotes that painlessly introduce new terms, plus  informative communication guidebook.
All Ages. May be used at various levels.
ISBN Single Unit 9780980345551
ISBN 12 Pack Display 9780980345575

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