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The Ball of Whacks

Creative Whack Company

A marvel of engineering, the Ball of Whacks is made up of 30 identical “golden ratio” rhomboid pyramids, and contains 180 rare earth magnets. The Neodymium magnets—stronger than traditional ferrous magnets— click together to easily reassemble the ball, or maintain any shape you create. More versatile than a brainteaser and more fun than a puzzle, Ball of Whack can be configured in endless ways.

Packaged with a 96-page guidebook, the Ball of Whacks offers a “Creativity Workshop in a Box.” The illustrated guidebook provides interesting background information, exercises for creative brainstorming, and strategies for problem solving. The book also presents challenges to construct the shapes and mosaics shown, or to invent new ones.

Available in red, blue,  and , multi-colored.

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