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The Wumbler Collection: Vol. 1

Giddy Gander Company, LLC

DVD Volume 1 contains two episodes.

Episode one is Bertrum's Color Day
It's Bertrum's fifth birthday - the day he changes color. He worries, if he looks different, will he be different? It teaches that it doesn't matter what you look like on the outside it is who you are on the inside that really matters.

Episode 2 is Munchetti Day
Munchetti day is a celebration when Munchetti, the food the Wumblers eat falls from the sky. It needs to be gathered up timely otherwise it will go bad. Mr. Rutabaga, the general store owner hurts his knee, therefore Bertrum and the other Wumbelr kids agree to help out and pick up the Munchetti. They learn about respecting their community and social responsibilty especially when they get some unexpected help.

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